How to get Facebook to update your link preview and thumbnail

Refresh Facebook link preview

I love it when my clients are tearing their walls down trying to figure out why they can’t resolve an issue with their website. Well, not exactly, but I do enjoy a good puzzle and making the world right again for my clients. Today, I’ll be talking about website previews on Facebook and how they can be troublesome.

My client was having a hard time figuring out why her newly updated WordPress site and featured image wasn’t showing up on Facebook. Instead, all she was seeing was her previous title and image.

She was using Yoast SEO, and figured something was going on with that. Even after temporarily deactivating the plugin, Facebook still wasn’t showing her updated page title.

At her wits end, she contacted me and asked “Dawn, what’s going on here?”.

Fortunately, I knew just what the deal was. From time to time, Facebook needs to re-scrape links to update new page titles, descriptions and images. This is something you can do manually without having to wait for Facebook to sort this out automatically.

How to use Facebook Debugger to update your website preview

  1. Head over to the Facebook Debugger page
  2. Enter your page or post title into the URL bar and hit the Debug button
  3. The Debugger will display the last date your page was scraped by Facebook
  4. Click the ‘Scrape Again’ button to reload the page data
  5. You’ll know when you’ve hit the jackpot when you see your correct page title and image

Go ahead and share your link on Facebook (or Messenger), dizzy with delight that your brand new preview is displaying as expected. What a neat trick!

Did this tip work for you? Let me know in the comments!

Dawn Osolinski

Dawn Osolinski

I’m Dawn, the girl behind Hello Dawn (mystery solved!). I design websites that look and perform beautifully with email automation to put lead generation on auto-pilot. As an entrepreneur working in the design industry for the past decade, I work with other professionals to help them develop the skills and strategies they need to land their ideal clients.
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